Flint may resume water shutoffs soon

Jan 4, 2016

The city of Flint may soon resume shutting off water to delinquent customers.

Later this month, Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman will hand down a ruling finding Flint water customers are due a small rollback in their rates. In August, the judge ruled the 35% rate hike in 2011 was not done properly.

Attorneys have been arguing the Flint water rate case for months before Judge Archie Hayman (file photo)
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

But the ruling will also allow the city to shut off water to people who owe money dating back to 2012.  

Many of those people will get a 90-day warning before being disconnected. But thousands of people in Flint who received shutoff notices in December may not.

Attorney Val Washington has advice for them.

“My recommendation is to pay something to keep your water turned on,” says Washington.  

Washington declined to say if he’ll appeal the judge’s order.