Flint police get tough on street crime

Apr 26, 2016

The Flint police department is taking a more aggressive stance on crime.

Standing before a conference table piled high with guns, drugs and $18,000 cash, Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson says a new unit has spent the past few weeks cracking down on street crime.

“This would have been on the streets if it wouldn’t have been for the efforts of the Crime Area Target team,” says Johnson. “There’s probably a lot more out there than we have on this table. I’m quite sure it is.”

Johnson says Flint’s police department will be more aggressive going after criminals, but that the department also relies on help from the public.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver compared Flint’s longtime problem with violent crime to the city’s lead-tainted drinking water.

“Just like the residents deserve clean, safe water,” says Weaver, “we also deserve to live in a safe community.”