Flint residents express anger, distrust on water source decision at town hall meeting

Apr 21, 2017

Despite heavy storms Thursday night, about 150 people showed up for a town hall meeting in Flint, after  city leaders announced that Flint will continue to get its drinking water from Detroit - instead of from a new pipeline called the KWA.

Some people at the town hall told the mayor and other officials they don't trust them to do the right thing.

After being warned, several people were arrested for shouting, booing, and using foul and abusive language.

Others lined up at the microphones to ask for more information about how the decision was reached.

Resident Chris Delroney said, "I think everyone in this room agrees that water rates are too high in the city of Flint," to loud applause.

Many Flint residents pay $150 a month for water that they must filter to remove lead.

Flint's drinking water was contaminated with lead after the city began using Flint River water, as a cost-saving measure while the city was under state emergency management.  The city planned to eventually get its drinking water from the KWA.

After high lead levels in children were discovered, the city switched back to Detroit-supplied water.