Flint residents urged to let the water flow this weekend

May 27, 2016

This Memorial Day weekend, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is encouraging city residents to wash their cars and water their grass.

It’s not about sprucing up the city.  It’s about flushing the city’s lead tainted drinking water.

Federal, state and local officials have been asking Flint residents this month to run faucets full blast for five minutes a day for two weeks.  The state is picking up the tab for the extra water use. 

Weaver says it’s not too late for city residents to get involved.

“Do it twice a day.  Do it in the morning.  Do it in the evening.  Because we got to get these pipes flushed,” says Weaver.

Weaver admits they won’t know if Flint residents have been flushing their pipes this month, until the next water billing cycle.