Flint sending water statements, not water bills

Apr 15, 2016

Flint residents will not be a water bill next week. But instead, they’ll get a statement showing a state credit.

Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

The state gave Flint $30 million to help city residents who’ve been unable to drink the water since April 2014. 

Flint CFO Jody Lundquist expects some confusion when people open what they expect is a bill, but instead will show the state credit. 

“Please do bear with our customers service staff as they work to address any questions we anticipate you may have,” says Lundquist.

The state credit applies to the water bill. Flint water customers still need to pay their sewer bill, though many are not. 

Lundquist says there’s $13 million dollars in unpaid water and sewer bills.   

Because of that, Flint’s water and sewer fund may go broke by the end of the year.