Flint voters set to decide property tax hike on Tuesday

Nov 5, 2012

The man leading the ‘vote Yes’ campaign is optimistic Flint voters will approve a big millage increase on Tuesday.

Pastor Timothy Stokes says “at the end of the day, everyone’s concerned about public safety.”

Stokes is the chairman of the ‘Yes to Police and Fire Protection Committee’.  The group has been campaigning for the passage of a six mill property tax increase that’s on Tuesday’s ballot.

If passed, the average Flint home owner would see their property taxes increase by about 79 dollars a year. The money is intended to pay for police and fire protection.  Without it, Flint will probably have to lay off dozens of police officers and firefighters as federal grants expire over the next few years.

Many people in Flint complain they are already paying more for water and street lights, and can’t afford to pay more taxes.

But Stokes counters that home owners’ insurance premiums will rise by even more if the property tax increase fails on Tuesday.