Flint's mayor says city council's proposed water plan is not a 'viable solution' | Michigan Radio

Flint's mayor says city council's proposed water plan is not a 'viable solution'

Oct 24, 2017

Flint's mayor is rejecting the city council’s proposed solution to the city’s future drinking water needs.

Monday night, the Flint city council approved a two-year extension of its current temporary contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority.  

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says she does “not believe a two-year extension is a viable solution.” 

“Furthermore, I do not see the proposed extension as a long-term solution because of the (potential insolvency of the city’s water fund) and EPA Order compliance requirements,” added Weaver. 

A Great Lakes Water Authority spokeswoman says GLWA has not received any communication from the city council on the extension. Spokeswoman Amanda Abukhader also noted that Flint is still “in litigation with the state of Michigan, and we will continue to be respectful of that process.”

Meanwhile, all sides are waiting to see if a federal judge will give the city more time to decide on a long-term solution to Flint’s drinking water needs. U.S. District Judge David Lawson gave the city council until Monday to make a decision, but the city council asked for more time. Judge Lawson gave city and state officials until today to file briefs in response to the council’s motion.

State officials want Flint to sign a 30-year deal with the Great Lakes Water Authority. But city council members have balked at inking the deal over concerns about future water bill increases. 

GLWA has been providing Flint’s drinking water for two years. The city turned to GLWA after 18 months of taking water from the Flint River. Improperly treated river water damaged pipes, which leeched lead into the city’s drinking water.