Flint's trash dispute continues to divide city leaders

Oct 13, 2016

The Flint city council is trying to get the city’s state oversight board to decide who should pick up Flint trash.

The council Thursday approved keeping Flint’s old garbage hauler on the job against the mayor’s wishes. The mayor’s chief of staff attended the meeting, but declined to comment. 

Council President Kerry Nelson says Republic is the best choice to empty Flint’s trash cans.

“There’s people that live in this city…that pay taxes…pay water bills….that work for Republic…I will not close the door on them,” says Nelson.

There is no timetable for the Receivership Transition Advisory Board to meet to consider whether it wants to get into Flint’s trash dispute.

Meanwhile, Flint’s mayor and city council continue to battle in court to win their trash dispute.

The mayor wants to replace Republic Services with Rizzo Environmental Services. The mayor says Rizzo cheaper. But a majority of the city council complain Rizzo has ties to the mayor’s political allies.