Flint's trash dispute should come to an end this week

Oct 23, 2016

The Flint city council is expected to vote on a new trash pick-up contract Monday.

For weeks, two competing garbage hauling companies have been emptying Flint’s trash cans.   

Flint’s mayor and city council spent months arguing over which company should get the contract. A majority of the city council wanted to keep Republic Services. Mayor Karen Weaver insisted her choice, Rizzo Environmental Services, had a lower bid.

After weeks of court ordered negotiations, city leaders agreed to give Republic Services a one-year contract.  

“This agreement will give Flint residents what I’ve been fighting for all along and that’s the best service possible, at the lowest cost possible,” says Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.   

The stalemate between the mayor and city council was broken after reports surfaced linking Rizzo to a federal corruption probe in southeast Michigan.