Ford at 100

Jul 13, 2013

Michigan celebrates what would have been President Gerald R. Ford's 100th birthday this weekend.

Ford grew up in Grand Rapids and attended the University of Michigan in his youth.

Jim Kratsas is the Deputy Director at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. He says the late president's legacy is known around his native Michigan.

“It's a time to celebrate Michigan's favorite son,” says Kratsas.

He says the late president was also deeply involved in the local community.

“I always have a lot of people coming up to me and telling me he got them into the university of Michigan or helping them out with a problem with the IRS,” says Kratsas. 

The birthday celebration will take place all weekend at the Ford Museum.

Events include a speech by Ford's Secretary of State, a wreath-laying ceremony at Ford's tomb, and a model of the USS Gerald R. Ford created specially for the birthday.