Former POTUS Bill Clinton does Labor Day Detroit stop-by

Sep 5, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton was a crowd-stopper today as he marched in Detroit’s Labor Day Parade on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign.

The parade was often delayed as Clinton was stopped for selfies. He showed off a Detroit-made Shinola watch he was sporting on his wrist.

The visit comes two days after Republican nominee Donald Trump stopped by an African-American church in Detroit. 

Clinton was asked if he was concerned about Trump’s efforts to reach out to African-American and blue-collar voters. He said,  “No. That’s my answer. I don’t think we have to worry about that. We just have to get the message,  stay positive.”

Clinton said Trump’s outreach strategy assumes African American voters are “suffering from amnesia.” He also said people should judge his economic policies and what Hillary Clinton might do as president on the job-creating spree that occurred during his administration.