Giving back with a buzz: Non-profit pushes for change, one beer at a time

Feb 6, 2017

"Creating change one glass at a time."

That's the idea behind the Feelgood Tap. You sit down at a bar, restaurant or brewery, order a beer that's marked the "Feelgood special," and part of what you spend goes to a designated non-profit.

It's an idea brewed up by Steve Roginson, co-founder and head brewer of Batch Brewing Company in Detroit's Corktown. And he said it's simple: The Feelgood Tap partners with establishments that serve craft beer.

"They pick a beer every month that they would like to feature and they raise the price by a buck," Roginson said. "And, at the end of the month, the number of beers that they poured, they give us those dollars and we pile them up with everybody else's contributions and deploy those to non-profits across the state that do good work."

For the full interview, listen above.

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