“Global tragedy” to come if Trump pulls back on climate change efforts, U of M expert says

Nov 18, 2016

Energy policy will change under the new administration and state policies in places such as Michigan are more likely to look like Trump policies than Obama polices. That's the opinion of Mark A. Barteau, the director of the University of Michigan Energy Institute.

Trump has made clear statements that he believes climate change is a hoax and he plans to dismantle the Obama administration’s energy policies. This will affect gas and oil production. Trump has also said he’ll bring “clean coal” production back, but it's not certain there is market demand.

Barteau joined Stateside to try to discuss these issues. He wrote a piece for The Conversation this week about what the country will likely see regarding a Donald Trump presidency and energy policy. 

Listen to the full interview to hear why Barteau believes Trump could have a hard time getting some of his proposals implemented, and why the new administration's approach to the environment makes him "ashamed to be an American."

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