Governor Snyder to speak on improving Michigan infrastructure | Michigan Radio

Governor Snyder to speak on improving Michigan infrastructure

Oct 25, 2011

Governor Rick Snyder will deliver an address in Southfield tomorrow on improving roads and other infrastructure.

Geralyn Lasher is the governor’s communications director. She said the address will touch on a wide variety of topics that are critical to improving the state’s economy and protecting public health.

“Why is it so important for Michigan? It’s about the economy. It’s about jobs. It’s how do we make sure that we have the appropriate systems in place to make sure our farmers, our agriculture industries, our manufacturers are able to get their goods and products where they need to be,” Lasher said.

She added:

“He’ll be talking, obviously, about the roads and bridges. He’ll also be talking about other pieces of infrastructure – for instance, sewers, broadband, other pieces that are in place, that are important components of the infrastructure network.”

Lasher said the human and financial costs of contaminated water supplies require the state to upgrade an aging sewer system.

The governor is also expected to talk about creating better mass transit systems in urban areas, as well as addressing fuel taxes, but is not expected to offer details on how to pay for more investments in infrastructure. Aides said he will promise to work with the Legislature to come up with a plan.