Grand Rapids could get a new $49 million home for veterans, if city commission approves it

Jan 30, 2018

The sign in front of the current Grand Rapids Home for Veterans
Credit Google Maps

The Grand Rapids City Commission is scheduled to vote on whether to approve plans for a new veterans' home.

The city’s planning commission voted to approve the $49 million home for military veterans last week.

The current home houses about 260 people, but the new one would only house around 130 vets.

Daniel Waun, a spokesman at the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, says no one would be forced to move out of the old building.

“Yes, it's fewer rooms, it's fewer beds, but no veteran is going to lose their place in a sense. Nobody's going to get forced out,” Waun said.

Waun says the plan is to build another veterans home in southeast Michigan.

“Even longer term, to build homes in Saginaw Bay area and Northern Michigan and eventually to replace the one in the U.P. as well. And those are longer, longer term goals,” he said.

Waun says if everything goes according to plan, the new Grand Rapids facility will open in the fall of 2020.

City Commission is scheduled to vote on the plan at its February 6 meeting.