Honda to recall Civics from 2011

Mar 17, 2011

The Detroit News reports that Honda will recall  2011 model year Civics for possible problems in rollover accidents. From the News:

Honda said the recall...is to inspect and replace a part that could fail to prevent fuel from leaking out of the fuel tank and into the evaporative emissions canister in a rollover.

The fuel pump module is equipped with a rollover valve but because of improper welding of the plastic case, it may break or crack, Honda said.

Left Lane News says that no problems with the defect have been reported thus far:

The automaker says that no crashes or injuries have been reported as a result of the faulty valve. A mere 1 percent of all 2011 models are likely to be affected, but Honda says it will recall a wide range of vehicles.

Of the recalled cars, 18,000 are in the United States and around 3,000 are in Canada. The recall affects vehicles built in Indiana, Ohio and Ontario.

Left Lane News says Civic owners should receive a notice in the mail in the middle of next month.