Hot as a firecracker! Many Michiganders are celebrating the 4th of July in the shade

Jul 4, 2012

The hot weather is not stopping most Michiganders from getting out and enjoying Independence Day.  

But organizers of many of today’s events are concerned.


Thousands of people lined the route of today’s Independence Day Parade in Lansing.   Many sitting in whatever shade they could find or make.

Brett Kaschinske is Lansing’s director of Parks and Recreation.    He says they are especially worried about people in the parade.

“We have bottles of water…encouraging everybody to stay hydrated….especially those that are walking,” says Kaschinske,  “we’ve talked to those who are having pets….along in the parade…making sure they have water as well.”

An excessive heat warning remains in effect for most of lower Michigan.   And temperatures are expected to remain hot, even late in the evening when many communities plan to hold Fourth of July fireworks shows.