Howes: New bridge a boon for Michigan and an embarrassment for governments

May 21, 2015

(Left) Governor Rick Snyder, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and son of legendary hockey player Gordie Howe, Dr. Murray Howe, announce name of new bridge
Credit Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan really is lucky to have a friend like Canada and its Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Canada will foot most of the $2 billion bill for building the newly named Gordie Howe International Bridge, connecting Detroit to Windsor.

Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes says the bridge will be hugely beneficial for the state.

Howes says increased trade and construction jobs are just a couple of the ways Michigan's economy will benefit from the construction of this new bridge.

“And yet," Howes says, “our legislature gets so tied up in knots by its relationship with (bridge owner) Matty Maroun and its allergy to spending even on a basic infrastructure project that it takes the prime minister of Canada to front the money.”

Howes reserves no criticism for the Obama administration’s unwillingness to fund a new customs plaza on our side, either.

Good thing they at least agreed to pay for the salaries of customs agents, says Howes. “Can you imagine a foreign country paying the salaries of U.S. customs agents?”