Howes: New metro Detroit water authority showing more transparency, better management

Oct 6, 2016


It was born in the throes of Detroit’s bankruptcy: the idea to take the aging, debt-ridden Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and transform it into a regional entity.

The Great Lakes Water Authority seems to be stoking a true spirit of cooperation in Southeast Michigan and performing the way its designers hoped it would.

Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes joined us today to talk about why it’s so important that the regional water authority succeeds and how it’s helping Detroit’s debt problems.

“I think we’ve seen through the Flint water crisis, certainly, and the battle over water in Southeast Michigan how important this resource is to the entire community,” Howes said. “This has been a problem for a real long time, and I think I’m really encouraged that this is one of the fruits of the bankruptcy as I think of it, that we’ve gotten to the other side here.

“I think everybody at least so far in the first nine months is pretty happy with it."

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