Howes: Obama presidency a "net positive" for Detroit automakers

Jan 19, 2017

President Barack Obama leaves office tomorrow and he leaves behind a complicated legacy when it comes to the auto industry.

Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes reviews Obama’s relationship with automakers in his latest column.

Howes pointed out that Obama's legacy when it comes to the auto bailout is, as most things are, divided along partisan lines. Republicans often use it to criticize the president and Democrats often counter any criticism with "well, at least he saved the auto industry."

While Howes called Obama's auto industry legacy a "net positive", it wasn't a perfect record. For instance, he said the Obama administration's push for smaller, more fuel efficient cars isn't what most consumers want.

Listen to the full interview above to hear who was hurt the most by the auto bailout, and about Obama's overall legacy (not just the bailout) when it comes to Detroit. 

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