Howes: Snyder, Schuette disconnect reflects larger cracks in Republican unity

Aug 23, 2018

Michigan Republicans gather for their convention this weekend to line up their ticket, led by gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette, for the November election.

But one prominent member of the party won't be there: Governor Snyder.

His office says a "scheduling conflict" will keep him from being at the final convention of his time in office.

Daniel Howes, Detroit News business columnist, joined Stateside to tell us about the state of the Republican party in Michigan.

"The split between the governor and the wing of the party that he represents, which is kind of a more pragmatic, business-friendly Republican party, and the wing of the party that's essentially represented by Attorney General Bill Schuette — they are not on the same page," Howes said.

Listen above to hear more about the disconnect Howes sees in Michigan's Republican party and what he thinks Michigan needs from its next leader. 

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