Howes: Trump has it wrong about Michigan

Sep 1, 2016

Donald Trump’s visit to an African-American church in Detroit this Saturday calls to mind his words about the city the last time he came to Michigan:

“At what point do we say, 'enough,'” Trump said. “It’s time to hold failed leaders accountable for their results, not just their empty words over and over again.”

But Daniel Howes of the Detroit News has a somewhat different view of Detroit.

“You’d think Donald Trump, who people say is a ‘quick study,’ would have done a little studying before he opened his mouth,” Howes said.

He said the story has changed in Michigan within the past eight years.

“Governor Snyder, I think, has taken [Trump] to task and said, ‘Look, what you’re describing is not the Michigan and the Detroit we know today,’” Howes said. “And the governor’s right – the facts are on his side.”

Listen above to hear Howes explain how manufacturing, the auto industry and the city of Detroit are not failing, but are rather on the rise.


Daniel Howes is a business columnist for the Detroit News.

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