I-94 pileup prompts more state police action

Jan 19, 2015

Credit (photo by Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio)

Michigan State Police say they have been focusing resources on an unusually dangerous stretch of I-94 between Battle Creek and Galesburg for some time.

That was before a massive pileup of more than 190  vehicles on January 9th.

Now, police will bring even more resources to bear on the area.  An enforcement campaign this summer will expand beyond the usual speeding and drunk driving offenses.

"We're also going to incorporate some videotaping of some drivers texting while driving," says Lieutenant Dale Hinds.  "We've had quite a bit of issue with that in that area."

"The videotapes will be supplied to local media to expose the problem," says Hinds.

The driver of a truck was killed during the string of accidents, which happened on both sides of I-94.  The melee shut down the highway for two days.  At least 22 people were injured.

Law enforcement agencies are still studying why the pile-up occurred.