Ingham Co. Sheriff says 'no' to ICE detainers and Driskell seeks a rematch against Walberg

Jul 22, 2017

The Ingham County Sheriff's Office announced this week it will no longer detain people at the request of immigration, without a judge's order. It says immigration violations are "civil, not criminal, in nature, and are between the individual and the U-S Government." The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has a similar policy in place. This Week in Review, Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth and senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry talk about whether other counties will follow suit.

They also discuss the state's request for judges to dismiss bench warrants against 186 people wrongly accused of unemployment fraud, Oakland County's lawsuit against the state over new standards for indigent attorneys, and Gretchen Driskell's second bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg despite a big loss in 2016.