IRS won't process some returns until Feb. 14

Jan 21, 2011

Some Michigan taxpayers getting ready to tackle their returns may have to wait before filing because last-minute federal tax law changes caused a delay in processing.

If you file a simple federal tax return – that is, you don’t itemize your deductions -- you can do that right now.

Otherwise, you’ll need to wait a few weeks.

Luis Garcia is with the Detroit office of the IRS. He says the agency is updating its programs to reflect the tax law changes.

"That group that files a Schedule A, or is filing a form 8917, or getting the educator credit, those folks will have to wait until February 14," Garcia says.

Garcia says most Michiganders file their returns electronically – and most do get refunds.

He says you can go ahead and complete your return and just delay sending it until February 14th.