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U.P. island cut off from mainland by ice floes

Apr 11, 2018

Ice breaker in St. Mary's River. Neebish Island has been cut off from ferry service by ice jams during a late, cold spring
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It's been a long, tough, cold winter in Michigan. But it's turned out especially tough for residents of Neebish Island in the U.P.  

The island is entering week two of being cut off from the mainland, after ice pieces from Lake Superior jammed the passage across St. Mary's River. 

Map showing location of Neebish Island
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Jamie Pringle is captain of the island's ferry. He says he is using an airboat to get mail and supplies to people. And the Coast Guard has a helicopter ready for emergencies.

Pringle says islanders are taking the situation in stride. 

"People are prepared for it that live here year round," he says. "They have generators, stock up on fuel, have a freezer full of food."

About 60 people live on Neebish Island all year. That number swells to about 500 during the summer time.