Kent County sees “sustainable business park” as a way out of the landfill business

May 22, 2018

Kent County plans to develop a "sustainable business park" on land previously designated for future landfill use.
Credit Kent County Department of Public Works

As population increases so does waste, filling up landfills at a faster rate. One solution to this problem is to rethink the old ways of managing solid waste.

The Kent County Department of Public Works is doing just that.

The County has decided to take land designated for a future landfill and use it instead for a "sustainable business park." The park will house companies and technology that reuse, repurpose, or convert solid waste, generating economic development while saving landfill space.

Dar Baas, the director of the Kent County Department of Public Works, joined Stateside to discuss the origins of the idea, the amount of usable material currently in the county’s landfill, the potential technologies to repurpose or convert that waste, and next steps for implementation of the idea.

Listen above.

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