Lansing city council finally picks a new president

Jan 23, 2017

It took two weeks, but the Lansing city council finally has a president.

The deeply divided city council ended its deadlock last night, when it picked Councilwoman Patricia Spitzley to fill its vacant president’s chair.

The new council president is hopeful the eight-member board can now move forward after the sometimes-personal debate.

“I think what it says about the council is that we're passionate about the issues that are important to us,” Spitzley told reporters after her unanimous selection, “and passionate about the issues that we feel are needed to move the council forward.”

That may be easier said than done. Four of the eight city council seats are up for election this year.  The mayor’s race may also add to the drama in the council chamber.

Councilwoman Carol Wood, who was picked to serve as vice president, hopes the partisan and personal divisions that held up the council leadership will now be put behind them.

“I would hope that all the people that are on council are adult enough to set their differences aside,” says Wood.