Let's revisit the Narragansett turkey ringtone | Michigan Radio

Let's revisit the Narragansett turkey ringtone

Nov 27, 2014

Credit Jim Hammer / Flickr

When does a news assignment become a classic story? Here's one we like to trot out to set the tone for Thanksgiving.

The sound of Narragansett turkeys gobbling and barking for Rebecca Williams' microphone are legendary around the Michigan Radio studios. 

Their turkey timing is perfect.

As the farmer describes the turkeys for Rebecca, they speak up at his disconcerting words. Have a listen:

"They're old-time turkeys, much closer to wild. They don't have the broad breasts, so proportionally for eating..." *turkeys gobble in unison here* "...they have more dark meat to white meat."

For your Thanksgiving enjoyment, here's a Narragansett turkey ringtone:

To make the ringtone work, right-click and download the MP3 file above.

Once you have it, you can send it to your phone. Follow these instructions from WikiHow for your phone's operating system, Android or iOS.