In 'Letters to a Young Muslim,' Ghobash calls on mainstream Islam to stand up to extremists

Jan 9, 2017

Omar Saif Ghobash was six years old when his father was murdered in the United Arab Emirates in 1977. His father had been part of a leadership group in the country’s early days.

Ghobash’s father was an Arab. His mother is Russian. Today Ghobash is the Emirates’ ambassador to Russia.

His new book, Letters to a Young Muslim, is written to his young sons. The book examines the complexities of his ancestry, his Muslim faith, the violence associated with some factions of Islam, and the challenges facing Muslims coming of age today.

Ghobash will appear at the Rackham Ampitheatre in Ann Arbor on Monday, Jan. 9.

He spoke with Michigan Radio "Morning Edition" host Doug Tribou.