Libertarian gubernatorial candidate pushes for a seat at the table for third parties

Aug 18, 2018

Bill Gelineau won a spot on November's ballot in the state's first Libertarian Party primary election.
Credit Bill Gelineau

The primaries are over, and we are officially into the general election season.

If you pulled a ballot in the August election, you might have noticed there were not two, but three, parties on the primary ballot this year: Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Bill Gelineau joined Stateside to talk about what he wants his campaign to accomplish.

“So I guess what I’m looking for is the opportunity to be the third voice at the table that the Libertarians have earned as a result of being a major party. And in doing so, we’re going to give Michigan voters a true choice,” Gelineau said.

Listen above to hear what rank-choice voting is and why Gelineau thinks it would help third party candidates be competitive, as well as what sets Libertarians apart from Democrats and the GOP.

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