Looking at the charitable side of Ramadan in Michigan

Jun 28, 2016

This is the holiest season of the year for Muslims: Ramadan.

It's a time of self-examination and increased religious devotion. It's also a time of giving.

Najah Bazzy is the author of The Beauty of Ramadan: A Guide to the Muslim Month of Prayer and Fasting for Muslims and Non-Muslims. She's also the founder and president of Zaman International, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the basic needs of marginalized women and children locally and around the world.

"I often say that Ramadan is like Thanksgiving every day, or the Christmas spirit every day," Bazzy said. "Not that we're limited to our tithing during Ramadan, but it is kind of the chosen month to give."

Bazzy joined us today on Stateside to talk about her organization's work and the 


Najah Bazzy is a Transcultural Clinical Nurse Specialist and Diversity Specialist. She's also the founder and president of Zaman International. She tweets @NajahBazzy.