Macomb County clerk says county's lawsuit against her seeking dismissal comes too late

Jan 22, 2018

Credit Sarah Cwiek / Michigan Radio

Macomb County Clerk and Register of Deeds Karen Spranger says the statute of limitations bars the county's effort to remove her from office.

The county has counter-sued Spranger, saying she lied about where the was living at the time she filed her application to run for office, and that makes her ineligible to hold office.

Spranger claims the county could have found out about the alleged perjury as soon as she was elected, but failed to do so, and because she has been claiming the alleged false address for the past six years, the lawsuit must be dismissed.

County attorney John Schapka say Spranger is attempting to "rewrite" the county's lawsuit to suit her own purposes. He says the statute of limitations is not until 2022 -- six years from the date the county discovered the alleged perjury by Spranger.