Man buys remote Lake Superior island, plans new artist residency

Jul 11, 2011

An uninhabited island in Lake Superior will soon be home to an artist residency program.

New Yorker Rob Gorski saw the 91-acre island listed for sale on Craiglist. At first, he was skeptical. But after talking it over with his brother, both of whom are Michigan natives, they bought the island for less than $150,000.

The land, known as Rabbit Island, is about a half hour boat ride from the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Gorski says the plan is to preserve the island as is, and build only a small, green cabin where future artists can stay.

"We’d like to be able to send an artist, maybe two, out to the island to practice their creative process within an entirely isolated environment. We think it’d be a very remote experience, it’d be very difficult in some ways, but I think the end result could be very interesting."

Gorski, an Emergency Room physician, says he and his brother are open to "whatever projects are pitched" - whether it's a "composer who wants to come out for two months and experiment with his music," or an artist who's interested in coming out for the entire summer.

The plan is to begin building the infrastructure this summer, followed by an artist residency next year.