Many Michigan commuters spend a lot of time sitting in traffic

Feb 5, 2013

A new report shows commuters are spending a lot of time behind the wheel in two Michigan cities.

The Texas A & M Transportation Institute releases an annual report on traffic congestion around the country. Many Detroit commuters will probably agree with the findings in this year’s Urban Mobility reports.   

Report co-author Bill Eisele says Motown motorists spend a lot of time each year not moving.

“Those commuting in Detroit are losing 40 hours,” says Eisele, “[They] are losing essentially a whole…week just stuck in traffic.”

Eisele says it’s almost as bad for drivers in Grand Rapids, who waste about 24 hours a year just sitting in traffic.    

Eisele does credit Michigan transportation officials with making good use of technology to help motorists avoid congestion and to quickly deal with traffic tie-ups. He says encouraging employers to give workers more flexibility, including time shifting work schedules or telecommuting to the office would also help reduce traffic congestion.