Meijer makes shopping easier, cheaper for plus-size customers

Nov 10, 2016

For the many American women who wear a plus-size, shopping for clothes can be an unhappy experience. The plus-size clothing is in a separate department, which leads some shoppers to feel singled out, and prices for plus-sizes can be higher than standard sized clothing.

Now, Michigan retailer Meijer is turning that traditional model upside down: no more special departments and higher prices. By next year, all Meijer stories will have women's clothing together, from small sizes, all the way up to XXXL, and prices will be the same for all sizes.

Jennifer Rook from the Grand Rapids-based Meijer joined Stateside to talk about the changes.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the motivation for the changes and the reactions they've received from customers. 

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