Meijer recalls spinach after possible listeria contamination

Mar 25, 2015

Some Meijer spinach may be contaminated with listeria.
Credit Daniella Segura / Creative Commons

Meijer retailers have recalled store branded frozen chopped spinach due to a possible listeria contamination.

Washington-based distributor Twin City Foods, Inc. says 16 oz. packages of Meijer Organics Chopped Spinach with UPC 41250 02363 and a best used by date of February 2017 are at risk for listeria.

The company also recalled several brands of spinach not distributed in Michigan.

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria that can cause listeriosis, a serious infection.  

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and adults with weakened immune systems are most at risk, though anyone can contract the disease.

Symptoms include fever, muscle aches and diarrhea.

So far, no illnesses have been reported.