Mich. Supreme Court: Can school policy override state's concealed pistol law?

Apr 12, 2018

The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday about two school districts' policies that ban guns from school property.

The districts in question are the Clio Area School District in Genesee County and the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Janice Swift is the schools superintendent in Ann Arbor. 

“We know that the presence of a gun in school carried by anyone other than a sworn officer of the law is a disruption. It is dangerous. It is risky and it is counterproductive to everything we’re wired to do in education,” she said.

But gun rights groups say school policies can’t trump the state’s concealed pistol law.

Michigan Public Radio Network bureau chief Rick Pluta was in the courtroom yesterday. He joined Morning Edition host Doug Tribou to discuss the oral arguments.