Michigan congressman will be in the spotlight at the Republican National Convention today

Aug 28, 2012

A Michigan congressman in a tight re-election campaign will stand in the spotlight today at the Republican National Convention.

Republican Dan Benishek defeated Democrat Gary McDowell two years ago to win the congressional seat formerly held by Bart Stupak.   The two will face off again in a rematch in November.

The future of Medicare is a key issue in the race.   Republicans are running ads trying to link McDowell to Medicare cuts in the federal health care law.   Democrats are attacking Benishek for his support of a plan put forth by GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan that would greatly change the senior citizen health care program.

Benishek says he wants the debate on Medicare.

“Frankly I’d be happy to hear any kind of plan.  I want a solution to the problem,”  says Benishek,   “(The Ryan plan) is the only solution out there that I see that has any chance of being reasonable and being approved by the American people.”

Benishek won’t say what his podium speech will be about, but don’t be surprised if the practicing physician from Iron County, Michigan talks about Medicare.