Michigan Cruz supporters hear his speech ... and boos from Trump backers

Jul 21, 2016

Michigan’s Ted Cruz supporters liked what their candidate had to say at last night Republican National Convention.

They didn’t like that Donald Trump supporters booed him off the stage.

State Senator Patrick Colbeck sat on the convention floor listening to Cruz as the Texas senator outlined his vision for America, but didn’t endorse Trump.

“I know a lot of folks were looking for something else, but that’s not what Ted Cruz is about. And it’s not what our country is about,” Colbeck said after Cruz left the stage. “We are not about one person. We are not a monarchy. We’re focused on 'We the People.' That’s where the power lies. And that's where Ted redirected the energy tonight.”

Cruz delegate Barbara Bookout watched it all from her seat in the Michigan delegation. She admits the events at the convention Wednesday night may make it harder for some to get on board to support Donald Trump.

“It will be difficult,” Bookout conceded, “but we are all committed to defeating Hillary Clinton.  That’s a unity issue.”

Republicans will hear from their presidential nominee tonight.