Michigan Dems, poised to boost ranks, aim for House control

Oct 16, 2016

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Conditions are ideal for Democrats to bolster their ranks in the Michigan Legislature, but capturing a House majority to end Republican control of state government could be elusive.

  Democrats' advantages include higher voter turnout for the presidential election and the departure of dozens of Republicans who cannot run again under term limits. Democrats have gained House seats in every presidential contest since 2004.

  With no statewide proposals and few state-level races on the ballot, the focus is on at least a dozen Republican-held House districts that will determine which party secures the minimum 56 seats for a majority.

  Democrats say Republicans' brand is terrible because of presidential nominee Donald Trump and Gov. Rick Snyder's low approval rating. Republicans counter that voters are happy with job creation and other gains.