Michigan gas prices fell below $2 a gallon, but not for long

Oct 24, 2016

You may want to fill up your gas tank. 

Michigan gasoline prices dipped below $2 a gallon in many parts of the state. 

But rising wholesale prices are expected to boost pump prices over the next 24 hours.

Patrick DeHaan is with GasBuddy.com. He says gas prices across the Midwest fell recently as a Chicago area refinery ramped up production after being down for unscheduled maintenance.  

However, wholesale prices for crude oil have been rising. DeHaan expects that will translate into Michigan’s average price for a gallon of regular unleaded to increase to $2.19.

He says where gas prices go from here depends on what OPEC does next.

“If they do decide to cut oil production, gas prices may not breech $2 a gallon much more this year,” says DeHann. But if they don’t cut production, he says Michigan gas prices may tumble again.