Michigan to get more than $4 million from GM over bad ignition switches

Oct 19, 2017

General Motors is paying out more money after delaying a recall of cars with a potentially deadly defect.  

The automaker has settled with states for $120 million, after states sued for damages related to the automaker's ten-year delay of an ignition switch recall. 

The switches could easily be bumped or jostled into the off or accessory position.  That also turned off safety systems like air bags. 

More than 124 people were killed in accidents in which the switches turning off was a factor. 

Michigan's share of the state settlement is $4,291,165.45.  It will go to the state's General Fund.

GM has also paid a billion and a half dollars in fines and payouts to a victims fund and there are many individual lawsuits still pending. 

As part of the settlement, GM has promised to ensure that its certified used cars have any recall-related defects repaired before they are sold. 

More than 600,000 cars in Michigan had (or still have) the defective ignition switch.  GM says its overall completion rate nationally for replacing the switches is 93.2%.