Michigan Gun Owners sue Ann Arbor schools over gun ban

Apr 28, 2015

Credit michigandaily.com

A policy to ban guns in Ann Arbor schools is heading to the courtroom.

The policy stems from an incident last month when an Ann Arbor resident openly carried a gun to a high school choir concert.

Now, the Michigan Gun Owners organization and an Ann Arbor parent are suing the district over the policy, which they say violates state law.

James Makowski is an attorney for MGO.

“One of the arguments I hear is,  'Think of the children, protect the children.' Well, that’s precisely what we’re trying to do,” Makowski said.

State law says local government units don't have the authority to regulate firearms.

The Michigan Open Carry organization is suing the Clio school district over a similar ban on carrying guns on school grounds.