Michigan lawmakers grappling with how to euthanize shelter animals

Jun 15, 2013

State lawmakers are a step closer to telling Michigan animal shelters how they can euthanize dogs, cats and ferrets.

Most Michigan animal shelters put down dogs and cats using lethal injection. A bill passed by the state Senate Agriculture Committee recently would mandate all shelters use injection.

There are a handful of shelters that still use gas chambers to euthanize unwanted or unhealthy dogs and cats.

Deborah Schutt is the chairperson of the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance. She says gassing is painful and not humane.

“Euthanasia by injection in less expensive. It’s more humane. And why any shelter would gas is beyond my understanding,” says Schutt.

Schutt says animal advocates will spend the summer lobbying state lawmakers in hopes of getting the euthanasia bill passed this fall.