Michigan motorists are paying less at the pump this Labor Day weekend than last year

Aug 30, 2013

AAA predicts that 1.2 million Michiganders will travel this Labor Day weekend.  

More than 90 percent will be driving. 

Gasoline prices took their usual pre-holiday weekend jump earlier this week in Michigan.   The statewide average is about $3.75.

But Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy.com says that’s not too bad.

“Keep in mind last year…prices were north of four dollars a gallon,” says DeHaan, “So prices this year are about 30 cents per gallon than where they were last year at this time.”

DeHaan says Michigan’s gasoline prices will probably dip a few cents each day through the holiday weekend.

DeHaan credits a calm 2013 hurricane season, fewer problems in the Middle East and fewer problems with the nation’s refineries. 

He says Michigan gasoline prices could dip below three dollars a gallon by Thanksgiving, as long as there are no major disruptions to system this fall.   Michigan's gasoline prices spiked over $4 this spring after problems forced two Midwestern oil refineries to shutdown for an extended period of time.