Michigan Radio launches Bringing Up Detroit

Mar 25, 2015

Beginning this Thursday, Michigan Radio will begin a new series called Bringing Up Detroit, focusing on the challenges of raising healthy, successful children while navigating the city’s often unpredictable school systems, economy, transportation networks, and neighborhoods.

The year-long series from independent, Detroit-based producer Zak Rosen will closely follow three diverse Detroit families, each living in a different part of the city. These powerful personal stories will illuminate the day-to-day reality of raising children in Detroit.

“We're immensely proud to present these stories as part of our commitment to give voice to the experiences of Detroit’s residents,” said Tamar Charney, Michigan Radio Program Director. “The narratives presented in Bringing up Detroit aren't your typical news reports. Listeners will have a virtual opportunity to walk in the shoes of Detroit kids and their families, as we transport them into the lives of each family and give a palpable sense of their struggles and triumphs.”

A year-long series from Zak Rosen and Michigan Radio

The first report in the series can be heard beginning this Thursday, March 26, during Morning Edition (5-9 a.m.) and All Things Considered (4-6:30 p.m.) on Michigan Radio. 

Support for Bringing Up Detroit is provided by The Skillman Foundation.