Michigan retailers are not optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season

Oct 26, 2013

Michigan retailers are less optimistic about this year’s holiday shopping season.

A survey by the Michigan Retailers Association finds a little more than half of its members expect their sales will be better this year.

The Michigan Retailers Index predicts about a 1.3% increase this year, that’s well below the national forecast.

Tom Scott is with the Michigan Retailers Association. He believes part of the pessimism comes from the timing of the survey.

“We were out in the field taking the survey right when everything was going on…when we had the government shutdown….we had the standoff over raising the debt ceiling….and even during the flawed unveiling of the health care reform website,” says Scott,  “The National Retail Federation… came out with their projections before all this happened in Washington and their projection was for about a 3.9% increase.”

Another problem facing Michigan retailers: This holiday shopping season will be short, with only four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Last year, the holiday shopping season was a full week longer.