Michigan’s long history of keeping bees

Jun 16, 2015

Roger attending to a swarm on June 6, 2015.
Credit Roger Sutherland

With it being National Pollinator Week, we continue our series, "The Business of Bees."

It started centuries ago, scooping honey out of a tree.

Today, there's big money in pollination.

Roger Sutherland is a retired biology professor, and has been keeping bees for over 50 years. 

"Many of the commercial beekeepers have changed from producing honey to pollination contracts," Sutherland says.

He says that Michigan, which continually ranks in the top ten honey-producing states, has played a major role in beekeeping history. 

He spoke with Stateside about how and when beekeeping became a business in Michigan. 


Want to learn more about pollinators? The Southeast Michigan Beekeepers Association has more on their website