Michigan State University discourages rowdy behavior during this weekend's Final Four

Apr 1, 2015

Michigan State University officials hope to discourage “destructive” celebrations during next week’s final four basketball games.

Ten people were arrested Sunday after the MSU Spartans won their quarterfinal game in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Jason Cody is an MSU spokesman. He bristles at the suggestion post big game rowdiness is a school tradition. 

“We want people to be excited. We want them to celebrate," says Jason Cody, an MSU spokesman, "We just want them to do it in a way which is safe.”
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

He says the university is pushing a message to get more students to celebrate responsibly.

“Don’t do anything that’s illegal,” Cody says is the message to students, “Don’t put yourself in that situation.”

Michigan State plays Duke on Saturday in a national semi-final game.